Support the Purple Cow

We have got this far by funding ourselves, but we can do much more with your support.

Our main form of marketing is paying homeless people to carry billboards because we think this a better way to spread our messages than to pay traditional media.

We pay people who carry our billboard at least twice minimum wage. Your donation will help us to pay many more people to do this.

Your donations can pay for more videos, more podcasts, more research, and more advertising.

In terms of our party rules, we are committed to voluntarily disclosing all donations above R50 000 here on our website.

If you donate less than that amount, we will only disclose your name here if you ask us to do so, otherwise, we will use your initials.

Donate via EFT

Our marketing budget is handled by Ibululu Management Consultants. Their banking details are :

Bank FNB Account Number 62790274220
Branch Code 254405 Branch Name MELROSE ARCH 063

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