Your questions, our answers

Why a new party?

Short answer: we have a great country, we have great people; but our politicians are clueless.

Innovation and disruption are driving growth around the world, but our politicians cannot fix traffic lights, potholes, and school toilets. How can we then expect them to understand a digital world where new technologies will change and improve all our lives?

We believe that in order to go forward quickly and safely, we need to look through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror.

Why the name?

South Africa is a capitalist country. The street vendor is a capitalist. The spaza shop owner is a capitalist. The minibus taxi owner-driver is a capitalist. The factory owner is a capitalist. The farm owner is a capitalist. The mining boss is a capitalist. And all of those capitalists come together to create jobs and prosperity for all of us.

Politicians have turned capitalism into a swear word because it allows them to steal money from hardworking families and use the money for corruption. We are turning that around. We are saying that if you are a taxpayer or if you employ someone and pay them or if you provide a service which people pay for, you are a capitalist and you should be proud of what you do to grow our country.

We want all citizens to improve the quality of their lives. No country has done so without capitalism.

Why the logo?

Cattle are Africa's most potent symbol of personal wealth. Our logo also represents a bull market.

What makes you different?

None of us are professional politicians. Each of us is a South African with a track record of competence and success in the private sector.

Why should I vote for you?

We intend to shake things up in parliament. We will question every decision where parliament wants to spend your money and we will tell parliament how to solve the same problem more efficiently and less expensively.

Other new parties have failed. What makes this one different?

We believe that future governments in our country will be coalitions (as is already the case in most modern first world democracies). A small party focussed on specific achievable goals can make a tangible difference.

Who is funding you?

We are self-funded. It costs R500 to register a political party and R200 000 to contest the national elections (which we will recover when we win our seats in parliament). We fully support transparency of funding and will declare the names of major donors (any amount greater than R50 000) on our website.

How many MPs do you hope to get into Parliament?

We hope to get at least ten MPs into the national assembly. This will need about 45 000 votes per candidate or about half-million votes in total. We believe this is realistic.

Who is your leader? Who is your spokesperson?

Titles are not our style. Political parties have imploded because candidates fight over titles. Our candidates are all committed to our principles, our policies, our plans.

Will you be fielding candidates for provincial government as well as national government?

We are only fielding candidates for the national assembly. It is not our intention to govern. We believe 10 dedicated MPs working the portfolio committees can play a critical role in influencing legislation.

Aren’t you just a splinter faction of the DA?

We have no affiliation with any political party and hope to take votes away from all of them. We will support any party on votes where that would be in line with our values and policies and oppose them when that is not the case. As an example, we would have supported both the ANC and the DA on the recent vote calling for full disclosure of political funding.

Ok, I like you. How can I get involved?

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