Your 10 reasons to vote for us

1. We’re not politicians

None of us have worked in politics before; we all have successful careers in the real world. Most of us will be taking a pay cut to become MPs, yet we want to make a real, positive difference to the country we call our home.

2. We have practical solutions to South Africa’s problems

We’ve costed our ideas and carefully considered how to make them work within South Africa’s constraints. You can watch videos on our ideas here.

3. Small parties can make a big impact

Our plan tells how we can make the maximum possible impact once we are elected. Don’t believe the bigger parties who tell you that you’ll split the vote. (If you’re worried about putting all your political eggs in one basket, you can use your provincial vote for another party.) We plan to punch above our weight.

4. Innovation is central to our approach

South Africa needs new ideas to get out of its low growth, high unemployment rut. We can learn from the examples of others. If there is a case of a policy working well in another country, we should take a serious look at piloting it here too. Portugal has good policy on drugs, New Zealand has its approach to sex work, China has lessons in economic growth and lifting millions out of poverty. We can learn from them all.

5. We don’t just say we’re different — we are different

We don’t market our ideas like a typical political party because we’re not a typical political party. You can read here about why we chose a purple cow as our symbol.

6. We are focused

We are only contesting the National Assembly because that’s where we want to make an impact. We know you’re busy, and we will never ask you to read screeds or sit through hours of speeches.

7. No political baggage

We don't want to live in the past — we want to build a future. We are interested in tackling the challenges we face today, as a country. That way, we'll be able to find solutions that will propel SA to greater heights and make us more globally competitive.

8. We are ambitious

We are not here to warm seats in Parliament or perform for the cameras. There are enough people doing that. We are here to make a difference. Call us crazy.

9. We’re interested in how to make things work, not in what’s wrong with everyone else

We will never tell you why not to vote for another party – you can work that one out for yourself.

10. We are optimists

If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be here. We believe that things can be fixed, and that a small party with good ideas can make a real impact – and that there are more South African voters who feel the same way than we might think.

If you like our ideas, please share them with friends, family and colleagues.